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Holiday Hair, I Care!

So I have a confession. I am one of the founders of Thrivo Technologies, the company that enables salons to create At-Home NotBoxHairColor kits from professional salon color. And I am also a user.

Yes, I said it, I am a FULL ON FAN! Lets face it, I am busy AF. A kid, two dogs, annoying hubby and a busy work schedule is just my baseline. Throw in some travel, aging parents, yada yada ...ya dig?

So when we created the tech that allowed me to touch up my roots at home with the exact same color as the salon uses on me when I come in, it was honestly entirely selfish. I NEED THIS.

Now, I hang at my salon when I have time, get my hair colored and blown out, and sometimes trimmed, and I take home my color for use a few weeks out. And don't let that filter fool you, I'm only talking like 2 weeks because I am not letting those grey hairs win. (subject of another post btw-props to Dove advertising but lets face it, letting my hair go grey could be empowering but also it could make me feel like s%$t because I do that color for me, not anyone else...)

So do yourself a favor, get some NotBoxHairColor from your salon- its good for up to 6 months in box. And when the holidays come around, you can be assured that your hair will be as 🔥 as your fit!

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